Love Over Prejudice Beanie
Love Over Prejudice Beanie
Love Over Prejudice Beanie

Love Over Prejudice Beanie

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Choose love, not prejudice.
Against current events, we choose solidarity with each other, not to be divided.
About the collection

Our first collection connects people who believe that diversity in love should be accepted, no matter where you come from.

We aim to create stunning designs you would actually want to wear to help spread our message of acceptance.

15% of our profits donated and the rest is re-invested.
The Runnymede Trust

Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent think tank on race equality and race relations. Through high quality research they identify barriers to race equality and good race relations; provide evidence to support action for social change; and influence policy at all levels.

London Intercultural Couples Centre

London’s Intercultural Couples Centre provides a range of research-led, specialised therapeutic services for couples who hail from different cultural backgrounds.

The Real couple stories

Meet the inspiring couples who are opening up about multicultural relationships today and celebrating diversity in love.

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