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New Social Movement calling on brands to ‘Represent Love’ launches in the UK

Represent Love
, a community interest company on a mission to highlight multicultural relationships, launches today in the UK.

Represent Love is the brainchild of Sylvia Wong and Mycal Odojukan, a couple who are applying their own experiences of discrimination to create a platform for projects that celebrate diversity in love. 

“As an East Asian dating a Black man, I have experienced negative reactions to my relationship. I looked online to see if anyone was going through the same thing and took a lot of comfort from other multicultural couples who are sharing their story. But I felt as a collective society and community we could do more” says Sylvia. 

For Sylvia and Mycal, it’s more than personal. They hope that by creating the Represent Love platform, they can emphasise the belief that: “everyone should have a right to love who they love and love without prejudice”.

The Represent Love website is focused on educating and partnering with other organisations, empowering couples with stories and resources, and giving back to the community. 

What’s first for the Represent Love team?

“We want to create a movement that makes diverse love stories more accessible. We’ve heard so many cases of couples going through struggles that have either been ignored or normalised. Such as disapproving family members, being fetishised, or even being accused of 'selling out' their race.

We’ve already published numerous interviews with other couples who are speaking out about these issues, and we want to do more: their voices deserve to be heard. We are also starting to lobby brands, sharing our examples, and finding allies to our mission that can start a movement. We’d love to see the great content that’s already being created out there amplified and represented more in mainstream media,” Sylvia continues.

“We’re bridging the gap between the online and offline world with our designs, too, and that’s an exciting, expressive way of conveying our message.”


To see Sylvia’s story on why they set up Represent Love on IG TV, click here

To find out more about Represent Love and join the movement, head to the website: www.representlove.co