About Us

Represent Love CIC is driving a social movement to celebrate diversity in love.

Founded by Sylvia Wong and Mycal Odojukan, who were motivated by their own experiences of prejudice to find a new way to empower and support other multicultural couples.

Through our projects, we focus on sharing stories and resources, collaborating with passionate creativesand giving back to the community.

First, let's clear up some confusion.

Interracial: groups that humans are often divided into based on PHYSICAL TRAITS regarded as common among people of shared ancestry.

Multicultural: relating to or containing several cultural or ethnic groups within a society (also referred to as 'intercultural' in the academic world).

We believe diversity in love is MORE than just aesthetics.

You can look similar but come from very different cultural backgrounds. Take for example Australians and Europeans, or Black Latinos and native Africans.

As we continue to live in a world with more diverse couples and families, we need to support them with public spaces to discuss topics that affect their lives.

Challenges we observe:

  • Racism
  • Fetishisation
  • Different religious and faith backgrounds
  • Culture-bound attitudes on marriage, raising children, and lifestyle.
  • Language barriers
  • Accusations of "selling out" your race
  • Family disapproval

On top of this, we don't see enough coverage about the effect of these challenges on mental health.

"Stigmatization of interracial relationships persists, with negative consequences for relationship functioning and mental health." - Rosenthal 2019

Represent Love is a platform for creative projects that celebrate diversity in love.

Instead of "multicultural love" being just a monthly feature or one-off project, we believe that multicultural couples deserve a dedicated organisation to highlight important topics, advocate for change, and open more creative spaces to share our stories.

Through our projects:

🖤 ‣ We inspire couples to express their joy and relationship identity through creative projects.

🖤 ‣ We provide a positive outlet for people in multicultural relationships facing relationship stigma.

🖤 ‣ We advocate for more research on relationship stigma and its consequences. Most research into interracial and intercultural relationships has been done in the US, whereas in the UK and in other areas of the world outside the US, this is not interrogated enough.

🖤 ‣ We fund other organisations doing important work that benefit our community.

🖤 ‣ We partner with ally organisations to increase impact and spread the message of acceptance.

This is the start of our journey. Support our work by sharing our mission and projects with others.


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15% of profits from our Shop are donated to two organisations doing great work for our community:


Runnymede Trust

Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent think tank on race equality and race relations, set up in 1968. Through high quality research they identify barriers to race equality and good race relations; provide evidence to support action for social change; and influence policy at all levels.


The London’s Intercultural Couples Centre

London’s Intercultural Couples Centre provides a range of research-led, specialised therapeutic services for couples who hail from different cultural backgrounds.


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