Ronesha and Jedrzej

Ronesha and Jedrzej

"he makes me feel like just the luckiest woman in the world"

Meet Ronesha and Jedrzej. We connected with them over a video call one Friday night.

Both are from two very different parts of the world. Ronesha is Trinidadian, with a little bit of Spanish from her granddad's side. Jedrzej is Polish.

Yet they found love in how they treat each other. Seeing these two interact makes you totally get why their pairing works, and there's no doubt they are still very much in love.

Here's their story:

The Model Life

Ronesha and Jedrzej met through modelling.

It's hard to believe fate wasn't a factor as they were both represented by the same agency and booked for the same commercial.

It was a 3 day shoot in total and they reminisced about the more glamorous parts of the modelling business: staying in the same room, the 7am starts, and the one hour journey to get to the studio. But while waiting around for their cues, they had plenty of time to get to know each other.

First impressions? Ronesha thought Jedrzej was cute but did well to keep her cool. For Jedrzej, he took notice of her personality:

J: "I could tell she was strong willed and knows what she wants... and that was the most attractive thing I’ve seen in a woman - ever.

For example, when we were taking pics together and I put my arm around her, she told me 'why are you being so weak?'”

R: “He was shy!”

3 years strong

These two recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary.

At this point, Jedrzej gets up and runs off to bring back some sparklers with a big number 3 in the middle.

R: “He actually put on a show of fireworks for me. It was so beautiful! I’ve never had that kind of show just for me alone, Honestly he makes me feel like just the luckiest woman in the world”

And you know if we're talking about anniversaries, there were definitely gifts involved.

Jedrzej runs off the screen again, this time to show us what Ronesha had got him as one of the anniversary gifts - he comes back on screen proudly wearing a durag in a bright metallic purple. Instant island vibes.

J: " [To Ronesha] You still have to take me to Trinidad - I’m wearing this!"

He also shows us another anniversary gift: a silver promise ring with their initials engraved on the inside. They beamed at each other happily and shared a kiss. These kids are so in love!

On being interracial and intercultural

In response to the question about being in an interracial relationship, Jedrzej responds with some sarcasm that got us all laughing:

J: “ [jokingly] So this is my top 10 list of races I like to date."

We laugh but the fact is, racial festishisation is still common today. A number of articles have covered how filters on online dating apps aggravate this, and 'find your own (Insert race here)' dating websites have increased their number of subscribers.

In seriousness, Jedrzej clarifies:

J: "I never decided that I would date someone from Trinidad before I met her, it just so happened that way.”

Both agreed that interest in your partner's culture is important but taking part in it isn't necessary:

R: “Once they are willing to know about it, that’s honestly enough. Some things they may not be comfortable doing, I mean Trinidadians at Carnival time, we are half naked running up and down the street listening to music.”

Speaking of Carnival, Ronesha and Jedrzej have celebrated at the Notting Hill Carnival in London several times, and we chat about the rowdiness that sometimes comes with these big festivals. But we also quickly made parallels to the rowdiness of Europeans in the right setting.

J: “If you ever go to a Polish football match, just sit on the winning side, because that side will be happy and won’t feel like they need to start a riot!”

One thing they love about being in a multicultural relationship is the FOOD.

They start name-dropping the different dishes from their partners culture.

R:"Like sauerkraut... his mom makes it really well. I love his grandma's pierogis. Oh and pastries, authentic Polish pastries"

J: "The food exchange has been phenomenal! I love her macaroni pies, her stew fish - the celebrations, the cakes, the deep fried stuff... it's all amazing!"


Words (still) hurt

During our chat, we explored the impact of certain 'urban' words or terms linked to interracial dating that have negative connotations - in this case, if you are black in the relationship.

Ronesha shares that people back home used to call her an “Oreo - black on outside, white on the inside.” Similar terms like 'Bounty' or 'Uncle Tom' are used as well for the same perception. And in our Real Couple Story with Junior and Sheigh, we also see an instance of this. We cover this problematic perception of selling out your race in this article.

The more you share your love publicly, there is also a greater likelihood of someone coming along feeling entitled to stake their judgement on your happiness.

During lockdown, Ronesha started posting more fun videos together with Jedrzej on TikTok, short clips of them doing things around the house, dancing, doing challenges... and people were loving it! But as with all internet fame, you get the odd keyboard bully. Ronesha shares one of these undesirable moments.

R: “Recently, on my TikTok account, while there's been a lot of love, there's also some hate coming in...

I was recently called a 'bed wench' - which apparently is a term for sleeping with someone just because they are white.. It has slave trade origins, and implies that being with him would make me superior”

J: " [jokingly] We are pretty sure the guy who used the phrase was the same one who put it on Urban Dictionary."

R: "I don’t like to dwell on stuff like that but words do hurt! It was with me for a couple of days, but I'm over it now"

Luckily those instances are just blips in the wave of support and love that their online community has shown them. And her friends are very vocal about their approval as well about her and Jedrzej:

R: “I’m still young but they can see how in love we are with each other and how we are together”.


Today, they continue to do modelling and have done a few couple shoots together. We've shown a few of these photos here and you can explore more on their account @queen_ro___


Fun facts

📺 Currently watching: The Crown

✈️ Next travel plan: Drive to Scotland with their first car!

🍦 Favourite ice cream flavour: Ronesha's is mango, Jedrzej's is Kinder

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